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My Pen Collection – 2022

Posted in Fountain Pens

Another year, another overview of my collection. Last year, I used Adobe Illustrator and created vector images for each table — accuracy was a pain in the butt. This time, I went with Google Data Studio. I don’t have as many shape and display options as I do with Illustrator, but I can more easily separate and display data this way. I have so much fun playing with data that I went a little overboard with this, so you can click through the four pages at the bottom of the frame. Or, if it’s easier for you, you can view directly in Data Studio.

What are your thoughts on the way I displayed my pen collection data this year? What do you think I’m missing? let me know in the comments.

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  1. I love charts, graphs … data in general, so this is great. But you lost a pen! And I’m curious, how is a pen “decommissioned.” You have to change up the colors I’m afraid. I see these and think “Miami Dolphins” or “Hunks Hauling Junk.”

    January 18, 2022
    • I lost my very first fountain pen, sadly. It was a red-nibbled Preppy that went missing when I moved.

      I’ve gotten a few questions about decommissioning pens, I think I’ll do a post about that.

      As to colors, it is what it is. I like how these colors look together, and they’re easy to tell apart for usability purposes. 😊

      January 18, 2022

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