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Reviewing My 2023 Purchasing Habits

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I can hardly believe I’m already writing this, but, happy new year! Welcome to 2024.

So, how did I do last year? Well, if you saw my stats or collection posts, you know I did alright — with fountain pens. I bought more non-fountain pens than I should have. Somehow, I got into my mind that my 36-pen max was just for fountain pens. I’d already changed my thinking to that by July. But, re-reading last year’s purchasing habits review, it’s clear that I intended to buy 36 total pens. Whoops.

What’s done is done, though. So, let’s take a look at how I did with the 36-fountain-pen max in mind.

Fountain Pens

I purchased 38 fountain pens last year. In my defense, the second to last two I purchased — Ardently and Sketched Fashion — were commissions completed earlier than expected. I thought they would be 2024 pens. The final pen I purchased was a cheap impulse purchase that will make its way to a giveaway table at the next pen show to have one. I shouldn’t have bought it.

As for the rest of my fountain pen purchases, with few exceptions, they were planned or well-reasoned purchases that I expect to have in my collection for years to come.

Non-Fountain Pens

My non-fountain pen purchases are a slightly different story. Several of them were impulse purchases, although only one is currently in review for potential selling. However, after the horribly disappointing handling of my new Caran d’Ache 849 Dragon, my current feelings toward it are negatively tinged.


I did manage to sell 16 fountain pens and three non-fountain pens. However, I still have 23 pens for sale. While one pen for sale is from 2023, since I didn’t manage to sell it, I suppose that means that my zero same-year sales streak is technically still going.

Purchase Overview

FP4 (6)2 (2)4 (9)1 (2)6 (6)2 (2)4 (3)5 (7)1 (2)6 (5)3 (1)0 (1)
NFP1 (3)1 (1)(1)1 (2)1 (1)2 (1)1
2022’s values are provided in parentheses.

It looks like I purchased more heavily at the same times as last year. March, August, and October are obvious — pen shows — and I need to work on that some. I don’t need to buy a pen just because I’m at a pen show. January’s swell is from those pens I didn’t buy in December. But I need to pay attention this year and see what inspires me to purchase more in May.

I’ve kept up with with my thoughtful purchasing, though, so with the one obvious exception, I don’t have any true regrets.

Plans for 2024

I intend to keep to a purchasing cap this year. I want to continue the 36-pen maximum, but including non-fountain pens this year. I’d also like to limit mainstream brand purchases to 18. And, finally, because my collection is so large, I can’t get any pretty ink sticks; either the material or shape needs to be truly unique.

I don’t know how well I’ll do, since impulse purchases are still an issue with me with my ADHD. But, let’s be positive; I’ll do my best to stick to my goal.

When do you buy the most pens? Do you have any purchasing plans for 2024? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Peter Hofmann
    Peter Hofmann

    What a great analysis. Personally I purchase FP’s infrequently, it really depends on what is available and the state of my wallet😁😁

    January 3, 2024
    • Ah, yes. State of the wallet is very important. That’s part of why I’m trying to sell so many pens right now.

      January 3, 2024
  2. I only got into fountain pens in the second half of 2023, and I’m somehow already up to 40 pens in my collection, so I think I might have overdone it. Having a purchasing cap seems like a good idea. I should probably try that myself this year!

    January 2, 2024
    • It can be hard to avoid the “new shiny” and “buy all the things.” But, I feel like I appreciate what I buy more for not just buying everything. Good luck with your collection this year!

      January 2, 2024

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