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Month: January 2024

Pen Porn: Ryan Krusac Ashbain the Dragon

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Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for pen envy or impulse purchases resulting from viewing this post.

Per usual, you can click on the images to view them larger. I do my best to provide you with the high-quality pen porn. πŸ˜‰

I’ve wanted one of Ryan Krusac’s dragon pens for years. But, I kept holding off because I didn’t really want one of the ones where a dragon is fighting a knight. Then, at the 2022 DC Pen Show, I saw this design. Unfortunately, I didn’t see it until I’d already spent my show budget. I’d planned to get it at the 2023 Baltimore Pen Show, but Ryan wasn’t able to attend. Thankfully, he was at the 2023 DC Pen Show, so I could finally get my dragon pen. And the wait was 100% worth it.

Ryan Krusac Ashbain the Dragon

Ink Battle: Sailor and Sailor

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No matter how much I try to sample or test an ink before buying it, sometimes that isn’t possible. Because of this, I have some inks that are incredibly similar in color. That’s where “ink battles” come in.

You can assume I have no problems with any ink that appears in an ink battle. I may decide, when using the inks side-by-side, that one performs better, but the point of the battle is to choose a favorite color. I use a pair of similar inks in pens with the same nib, then test them out to see which I like better.

Or, I may find out that, when used with the same nib, they’re sufficiently different to keep them both. Depending on how these “battles” turn out, I may tag some of the posts as ink dupes as well. You can find all of the ink battles posts on the tag page.

A Bock Mystery

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Last week, I posted on Instagram, sharing an interesting situation. The Kawari-Nuri and Nashiji Nuri pen I own from Tamenuri Studio takes Bock #6 nibs. For this particular use of it, I decided to put the new cat-engraved nib from Shibui North into it.

Unfortunately, to my surprise, it didn’t fit! Both nibs are Bock #6, with no sign of damage to the housings. And there started the mystery I have found myself enmeshed in now. Why didn’t both nibs fit? And, when I tried a couple other nibs, why didn’t they fit?

Because I shared this on Instagram, I felt it was worth following up. And, the amount of feedback I received and the research I did means it needs more than an Instagram post to cover everything.

CAVEAT: I am not an expert on Bock nibs, nib housings, or even nibs in general. I’m only sharing information I gathered after posting about an issue I came across last week. I have done my best to not make any hard claims, as I really can’t say what’s going on here.

Time for a Break

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I finally made it through all of my end- and beginning-of-the-year posts. Phew!

I definitely made a mistake in pushing myself to get the Plotter Alternatives series out in late November. With all of the research they required, I was already a bit burnt out before I even got to the 25 Days of Dupes and annual posts.

Now, a month and a half later, I’m exhausted and looking forward to my yearly break.

I’m Sorry Shimmer Inks

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“I don’t use shimmer ink… they really just don’t do anything for me.” Sound familiar? You’ve likely read that on my blog. Possibly more than once.

Over the years that I’ve been part of the fountain pen world, I’ve actively avoided shimmer ink. On the rare occasions where I actually bought a shimmer ink, I let the shimmer settle, using just the color, without the particulate.

My main reason for avoiding shimmer is the extra maintenance. I didn’t want to deal with clogging or the extra effort required to get the shimmer particles out of the feed and converter.

That all changed in February last year.

Pen Resolutions Tag 2024

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I can’t believe this is my third year answering this tag. Per usual, I’m answering all of the questions this year and revisiting the resolutions I made last year to see how I did.

This idea was originally adapted from Theresa is Dead’s video: OH 2021… | BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS TAG video. The Beauty Resolutions Tag originated with Mel Thompson.

1. What is something you do regularly in your pen routine that you will try to stop?

Answer from 2023: Since remembering to add pen cleaning to my weekly to-do list would get me to clean my pens, I need to get better at doing that. When I remembered to write pen cleaning on my weekly task list, I did better. But, when I forgot, well… I forgot.

Answer for 2024: I’m pretty happy with my pen routine for now, especially after the changes I made in November. I think I need to come up with a new question for next year.

My Current Pen Wish List – Jan. 2024

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With some of the purchasing decisions I’ve made over the past year (e.g. no more pretty ink sticks), I’ve decided to start from scratch with my wish list. But, before I jump in, allow me to at least mention what I crossed off of last year’s list.

I picked up an 18111 snowflake pen, the Gravitas Universe, and a Pens by Pasquale “ribbon” pen. Considering the number of pens I bought last year, it’s kind of sad that I didn’t clear more off my list.

2023 Goodreads Reading Challenge

Posted in Book Blogger

Another year gone means another reading challenge complete. As I’m sure you can imagine, 2023 had some highly-stressful times. As often happens when I’m stressed, I read a lot.

I finished 104 books in 2023. That’s high even for me. That averages to 2 books a week, or a book every 3.5 days. Of course, the average doesn’t tell the whole story. As I mentioned in last year’s post, I have periods of voracious reading, followed by periods of relative calm.

My numbers are also skewed by when I’m offered free, or drastically reduced, Kindle Unlimited subscriptions. I don’t know why Amazon keeps offering me 3 months for 99Β’, but I’m not complaining.

Reviewing My 2023 Purchasing Habits

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I can hardly believe I’m already writing this, but, happy new year! Welcome to 2024.

So, how did I do last year? Well, if you saw my stats or collection posts, you know I did alright β€” with fountain pens. I bought more non-fountain pens than I should have. Somehow, I got into my mind that my 36-pen max was just for fountain pens. I’d already changed my thinking to that by July. But, re-reading last year’s purchasing habits review, it’s clear that I intended to buy 36 total pens. Whoops.

What’s done is done, though. So, let’s take a look at how I did with the 36-fountain-pen max in mind.