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My Current Pen Wish List – Jan. 2024

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With some of the purchasing decisions I’ve made over the past year (e.g. no more pretty ink sticks), I’ve decided to start from scratch with my wish list. But, before I jump in, allow me to at least mention what I crossed off of last year’s list.

I picked up an 18111 snowflake pen, the Gravitas Universe, and a Pens by Pasquale “ribbon” pen. Considering the number of pens I bought last year, it’s kind of sad that I didn’t clear more off my list.

With that out of the way, let’s look at my current wish list. In my determination — or excitement — for some pens, I’ve already commissioned a few. So, I’m dividing this list into two sections: Commissioned and Want. Per usual, the lists are in alphabetical order by brand.


Country Made Pens

I did actively save for a sculpted scrollwork sleeve pen last year, and officially commissioned it at the very end of December. I’m hoping I might have it by my birthday.
Website | Instagram

Mayfair Pens

I’ve wanted an Eowyn model from Mayfair Pens since the 2022 DC Pen Show. But, in that time, I haven’t seen one in a material I want. So, I commissioned one in a really cool material. You’ll see it once I get it.
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Stanford Pen Studio

I mentioned in my post on the Pride and Prejudice pen that I’d like one for Little Women. Well, Hanna Farmer accepted my commission, so at some point this year I should get it. YAY!
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These pens will probably have to wait a little bit, as I need to wait until my current set of commissions are done before I commission more pens. Last thing I want is for everything to be done around the same time. My poor bank account screams just thinking about it.


I’m interested in both the Maple in the Forest and the Chasing Dreams pens from Cypress. Maple Forest is an art style I’ve been wanting since I first learned about urushi pens, and this one from Cypress is a bit more accessibly priced. Chasing Dreams has everything I’ve been wanting from them in one pen (raden, eggshell, and a bit of color). Of course, with Cypress, it’s always possible they’ll release a pen that has everything I want in an even more appealing design.
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Drewnem Pisane

I’ve been eyeing Drewnem Pisane pens for a while. But, I haven’t been actively watching what they release. I need to do that, because their flower and mixed-wood materials are amazingly unique.
Website | Instagram

Tailored Pen Co

I’ve wanted one of Tailored Pen Co’s Bee’s Knees pens for a couple of years now, but I’ve been steadily trying to buy less pretty ink sticks. But, now that they’ve introduced the Trekker model, I can say it’s unique enough to not be just a pretty ink stick.
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Stanford Pen Studio

I’m sure this will surprise no one, but I have my eye on two other Stanford Pen Studio commissions: one from Carla Nel and one from Di Möhr herself. I haven’t quite decided what I would like to request from Carla Nel, but I love her art style. From Di Möhr, however, I’d love one of the dotted pens, if she’s still doing them, in a rainbow of colors.
Website | Instagram

Is this everything I want? No, not really. That list would go on forever. But, these are the pens I’d like to make a concerted effort to acquire this year.

Are any of these pens on your wish list? Are there any interesting pens or makers that you think I should know about? Let me know in the comments.

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