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My Current Pen Wish List – Jan. 2024

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With some of the purchasing decisions I’ve made over the past year (e.g. no more pretty ink sticks), I’ve decided to start from scratch with my wish list. But, before I jump in, allow me to at least mention what I crossed off of last year’s list.

I picked up an 18111 snowflake pen, the Gravitas Universe, and a Pens by Pasquale “ribbon” pen. Considering the number of pens I bought last year, it’s kind of sad that I didn’t clear more off my list.

My Current Pen Wish List — Jan. 2023

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Once again, it’s time to revisit my wish list. I’ve bought some pens, decided against others, and found new pens I want.

I’ve kept the two-tier list structure: “Tier One” that I’m actively looking to acquire, and “Tier Two” that I’d pick up if there’s a good deal, or if the stars align perfectly.

Pens Unique to a Brand

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Part of what I like about indie-made pens is finding models, materials, etc. that are unique to a maker. Obviously, I don’t know every maker. Nor do I even come close to purchasing from every maker I know of. However, I want to dedicate this post to pens I know of that are unique to their respective makers. I’m listing these alphabetically by maker.

My Pen Collection Part 3

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Indie Pens

I’m back with Part 3! I meant to include my “always inked” pens in this post, but it’s already so long, I don’t want to make it longer. So, I guess there will be a part 4.

As with my other pens, I keep my indie pens in rainbow order. The exceptions being my two urushi pens and my Permies.World pens. Those three live in the pen display box, as I don’t want to run the risk of ruining them with the elastic bands.

all of my indie pens

Once again, please use the form at the end of this post to vote for pens you want to see “pen porn” posts about.