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Author Spotlight: Annette Bentley Smith

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Welcome — or welcome back — to another Author Spotlight! If you’re new and want to know more about how the series got started, go check out the introduction post.

In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, today the spotlight is on children’s book author, Annette Bentley Smith and her anti-bullying book, Nyrah’s Bully.

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Let’s start with the most important. What’s your most recent/next book, and where can we go to learn more about it and you?

Photo of Annette SmithMy most recent book is called Nyrah’s Bully. It is inspired by a true story. My next book is a multicultural children’s book that will center on skin tones. It is currently being illustrated. You can learn more about me and books at the following links:

Online Press Kit


Facebook Profile

Nyrah’s Bully Facebook Page

Do you have a favorite book/story among the one’s you’ve written? Why is it so special to you?

Out of the six books that are completed, although 13 have been written, three of them are my favorites. When asked this question, it was hard to choose, because although they are fiction children’s books, they were written realistically, because some of them are inspired by real events.

Cover of Divorce Through the Eyes of a ChildIn no particular order, the first book is called Divorce Through the Eyes of a Child; Dear Mama and Dad. It’s a letter written to parents from a child’s heart about divorce and getting along. The second favorite book is called The Miserable Life of Tac; The Aluminum Can. This book is just plain funny! It has made so many people laugh when they found out an aluminum can had issues and had to talk to a Psychologist. This was a special collaborative effort with my youngest son, who was in the sixth grade at the time and is now a high school graduate.

Cover of Nyah's BullyLast but not least is my heart clincher bullying book called Nyrah’s Bully. This book has touched the hearts of many children and has given joy to the special little girl that inspired me to write this book. Writing it also woke up feeling from within, because my sister and I were bullied when we were little.

Do you have any unique or quirky writing habits?

My unique or quirky writing habit is, writing my stories on paper first. Most people now-a-days, go right to their computer or laptop and type away! Me, it’s the good ole #2 pencil and paper, then I type it up. Sometimes I can write a story with a few hours, and at others times it takes a good six months! My chapter book, which started out as the traditional thirty-two page book, is now a chapter book. It is called Bigma and Gigi’s Porch Stories for You! It took me well over a year to write it. It has yet to be published.

If you were an animal in a zoo, what would you be?

If I were an animal in the zoo, I would be a Panda Bear. They come across as loveable, cuddly and huggable. lol

Would you rather be invisible, or able to read minds?

I would rather read minds. I’d like to know what people would honestly say if I asked them questions about me. It would separate the real from the fake, but then I would want the capability of being invisible, in case I couldn’t handle the truth.

What is one question you’ve always wanted to be asked in an interview?

I’ve been interviewed on several occasions. There was never any one particular question I wanted asked. Since the interviewer seemed to have connections, I guess the question would be, “How can I help you become the #1 best seller in the world and get your books in the hands of every child in the world?!” Or perhaps, “So, how does it feel to be America’s favorite children’s book writer and receiving such an honorary award?” One can dream, right?

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Alright, there you go. You can learn more about Ms. Smith and her books on her Amazon page, website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Are you aware of National Bullying Prevention Month? Were you bullied? How has it affected your life? If you have kids, have they suffered from bullying? Leave me a comment and let me know.

I hope you all have a great day!

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