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FanFiction Review – Building a Better Burrow

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Building a Better Burrow

by dunuelos

Genre: Harry Potter
Word Count: 35,149
My Rating: ★★★+

The Better Burrow arc from my Lone Traveler compendium: The Lone Traveler encounters the Burrow before it was expanded. Maybe it can be made into a safer and more comfortable home for this version of the Weasleys. It’s amazing how much a building can change history.


Building a Better Burrow (BABB) was a great story. I really enjoyed seeing the Weasleys championed, as so often they’re vilified.

Some of the ideas presented were new to me (when I read the story the first time, anyway), and I very much enjoyed how they affected the larger story arc.

The Lone Traveler is a fabulous character, and I look forward to eventually reading through the entire Harry Potter collection of Lone Traveler stories.

If you like the Weasleys, then BABB is a must read.

Remember, you can download stories from fan fiction sites using That way, you never have to worry about a favorite story disappearing.

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