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FanFiction Review – The Dentists’ Daughter

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The Dentists’ Daughter

by old-crow

Genre: Harry Potter
Word Count: 20,081
My Rating: ★★★+

Dan and Emma Granger’s peaceful life is rocked by a visitor claiming that there is a magical world. More shocking, the visitor wants their only daughter to become a part of that world! What would responsible parents do?


The Dentists’ Daughter is a great look at Hermione’s life in the first year after she receives her Hogwarts letter. Old-crow does a fabulous job of bringing up points I’d never considered, like having to keep secrets from Muggle friends.

It would have been interesting for this story to continue throughout the 7 years at Hogwarts. I imagine that several things would be different from canon with the Grangers being friends with Poppy.

But still, although it’s short, barely novella length, it’s well worth reading.

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