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Author Spotlight Wrap Up

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Last updated on March 24, 2021

I’ve had fun with my Author Spotlight series. I’ve made some good friends, learned a lot, and have discovered some interesting books.

I announced the series just over four months ago, and have had some fabulous entries since then. If you missed any, here’s the full list:

What’s Next?

Finishing the series doesn’t mean I’m going to stop doing spotlights entirely, they just won’t be a regular thing. I’d like to take more time with each spotlight in the future to really personalize them. One thing I don’t want to change, though, is asking “different” questions.

A lot of the authors I profiled mentioned that my questions were new and different. They weren’t things they’d been asked before, and I’m really happy about that. It’s what I was trying to do. I hope they didn’t get boring for the readers, either.

While I’m comfortable ending the series, I have to admit, it means the pressure’s on for coming up with blog content. The spotlights meant I had plenty of content to publish, and now I’ll have to come up with stuff regularly on my own again. As such, I may not post as often for a while, until I get back into that flow. I hope you don’t mind.

Anyway, if you enjoyed the spotlights, drop me a comment and let me know. If you’ve got suggestions, leave those in the comments as well. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

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